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The Definition of Heritage (Her•it•age):

1. Something that comes or belongs to one by reason of birth; an inherited lot or portion: a national heritage of honor, pride, and courage.

2. Something reserved for one: the heritage of the righteous.


The Definition of Lineage (Lin•e•age):


1. Lineal descent from an ancestor; ancestry or extraction: to trace your lineage down ancestral lines.

2. The line of descendants of a particular ancestor; family; race.


As children of the "Most High" each one of us have been given a "Spiritual Legacy and Heritage" by God.  We are covered by Him alone. However, in order to move into your assigned "LOT" (Destined Position) that God has ordained for our lives, we must understand the spiritual lineage and heritage of anointing He has designed for us to draw from.


Your life has a destiny and purpose according to Jeremiah 29:11.   Whatever the earthly position is that you are presently holding - Having a spiritual covering is very important for you to receive accountability, wisdom and insight for your Kingdom advancement.  It is so very strategic for you to be positioned under the man and/or woman of God - He has aligned you with to learn and draw from - Not who others say you should follow!


There can be many mentors, but there is only one "TRUE" spiritual covering.  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you whom you should be under and following, learning from and serving diligently as unto the Lord.  This is the "KEY" in your spiritual progression for yourself personally and for those whom you will touch for the advancement of  the Kingdom of God! 


God is our covering!  God’s plan from the very beginning was to cover us and He does everyday.  However, He has elected men and women of spiritual insight on the earth to assist us in our “Destiny Pursuit.”  A spiritual covering protects and assists us in our progression in life and ministry.   Many say that God is their covering and that’s all they need.  Yet, there are many today that float from place to place wondering why they can not seem to discover their identity in God, as well as, lack integrity and accountability, because they do not have a spiritual covering. 


The following are two examples of Covering as God established it:


1. The man and woman.  God positioned Adam as a covering for Eve and Eve as a helpmate for Adam.  For a couple married in Holy    Matrimony, the husband is the spiritual head and priest of his home covering his wife and family.  Yet the two of them will progress in anointing, power and wisdom - as they draw from their spiritual covering over them.


2.  Jesus is our covering, postioned as the head of the church.





From Birth…


I was born into a rich heritage of ministers.  However, it wasn’t until my grandmother gave her life to the Lord that the richness of God’s anointing was implemented into our family blood-line, spiritually speaking.  The background of both of my grandparents before this life-changing moment took place was that of hard working people -yet unsaved, not having much at all to do with the church.  The moment my grandmother had an encounter with the Lord and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior -the “Destiny of the Watson’s” was changed instantly. 


Still today, it honestly blows my mind how my grandmother’s encounter with the Holy Spirit and decision to follow the Lord (raising her children and grandchildren up in the ways of the Lord), would shift all of us into our “Kingdom Assigned” positions even before all of us would know it personally!  My grandparents have gone home to receive their reward from Jesus, but her eternal decision of many years ago, supercharged my heritage with richness in anointed ministry.  I am a 3rd generation minister of the gospel. 


From one little lady that had an encounter with Jesus –Generations were and will continue to be impacted.  Today, all of my family including my younger brother and sister are involved in ministry.  Our whole family including cousins, aunts and uncles are heavily involved in one aspect or another in the work of the Kingdom. 




















Please note there are also different types of “Encounters” we read in God's word that clearly help us to identify how God positions and shifts us into our spiritually assigned lineage.  Here are two examples:


1.  An "Acts 9" - Supernatural Encounter from God alone. Saul of Tarsus (on his way to Damascus) had an encounter with God alone, where God changed his name to Paul. The Apostle Paul wrote two thirds of the New Testament and became a “Spiritual Father and Covering” to those in his day.  Still today we continue to learn from his teachings which were inspired from the Holy Spirit.


2.  A “Life Changing, Suddenly Moment” through an elect man or woman of God - where the anointing was imparted in a divinely orchestrated moment, changing that individuals future forever.  In 1 Kings 19, Elijah was instructed by God to go and "ANOINT" Elisha, because he (Elisha) would succeed him (Elijah) as Prophet.  Elijah became Elisha's Spiritual Covering, Mentor and Father.  Elijah had been the one ordained by God to shift Elisha into the "Destined Lot of Purpose!"  This event was a "Divine - Suddenly Moment" that changed Elisha's life forever!


Please Note:  In reference to Example #2 - God uses His anointed man or woman to bring about a "LIFE CHANGING ENCOUNTER" in your life. Under the Holy Spirit's leading only - You should prayerfully consider being positioned under them for spiritual growth and covering, because of the shift that has taken place from the "Divine Moment of Impartation."  - "1 Kings 19" Experience!




My Biological Parents – Bernie and Kathy Watson pastored many great churches in the "Church Of God" (Cleveland, TN) and evangelized across the United States all the way up until my father's passing in 1990.  My parents imparted into my life spiritually and naturally the Godly truths and structure to live by, as well as, establishing a solid foundation for me to build upon. My parents who operate(d) in healing, words of knowledge and prophecy, impacted my life from birth until present.  My mother -Dr. Kathy Watson, still to this day imparts into my life, encourages me and covers our family in prayer on a daily basis.  She is an international speaker, missionary to many nations and shares the love of Jesus to children all around the world.


My Spiritual Father – Pastor Benny Hinn who ministers to millions of people around the world, impacted my spiritual life.  A supernatural encounter took place by the Holy Spirit that changed me forever!  His obedience in fulfilling the Lord's divine assignment through television was the tool God used on a normal day in the spring of 1991.  Then later that year in Israel, Pastor Benny imparted into me at the anointing service held at the Sea of Galilee.  These series of events introduced me to the “Person of the Holy Spirit" and shifted me up into the "Spiritual Heritage and Lineage" (my chosen lot in ministry) of supernatural wonders, healing and divine glory.  Pastor Benny Hinn’s spiritual mother was Kathryn Kuhlman, whose obedience and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit impacted his life and the lives of millions across the world.  This rich line of healing ministry continues still today through the lives of those God has chosen to impart into, by giving individuals of His chosing - this lineage of anointing. 



Because of the encounter that took place in 1991 in that "Divine Moment" - Today, it is my responsibility as well, to continue imparting into the lives of people - Training, equipping and releasing a generation of radical men and women of God that will carry on the heritage of this precious, supernatural "Healing Anointing.


When we stand before the Lord Jesus - He will ask us, “Did you continue the lineage of anointing that I positioned you into?”  Our response should be a resounding, “Yes Master

- We fulfilled our assignment and we did it all for your Glory!”


I pray this short informative teaching and summary of my spiritual heritage will assist you in understanding the truths of God’s design for your life and the lives you touch for Jesus, from this day foreword.


God’s “Best” to you today and always,


~Dr. Brett Watson



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